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Wise Words
When you are describing,

A shape, or sound, or tint;

Don't state the matter plainly,

But put it in a hint;

And learn to look at all things,

With a sort of mental squint.

~Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
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 Pressure Poem?

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PostSubject: Pressure Poem?   Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:06 pm

Figured why not post it. It sucks but oh well.... Neutral


Pressure is ever constant
From the day we are a kicking screaming newborn
Until the day we wither away into the unforgiving ground
Spirals never end
Adding to the complexity as the world spins ‘round
Knocking us off our feet

Tell me now which way to go
To the right with the angels
The priests in their dreary robs
Policemen gunned down
The criminals only caught after one too many innocents die
Corrupt officials dooming us all

Or should I take the left path
Celebrities overdosing
Taking off their clothes for five minutes of attention
Role models betraying their former fans
Run down violence filled streets and homes
Party goers kidnapped, never to be seen again

What if I don’t like either choice?
What if I rather be me?
Against society?

Good or evil
Right or Wrong
Why can’t I make my own definitions
Draw my own path to lead me out of this fog
Into my own world
Where the up is down
And down is up
What makes sense to me is all that matters?

I can be this
Instead of that
I can live
Free from the prejudices of the world
My own little wonderland
Where only I exist
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Pressure Poem?
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